Aebf Coach RegristrationAEBF - Level 2 Coach Registration and Overview

  • 1: AEBF - AEBF Member over 18 years of age
  • 2: AEBF - Coach's Code of Conduct
  • 3: ASC   - Level 2 Beginning Coaching Principles (8 hours)
  • 4: AEBF - Level 2 Coach Activity Sheet (20 hours)
  • 5: AEBF - Level 2 Eight Ball Training Program Course  (8 hours)
  • 6: AEBF - Eight Ball Coach Accreditation Fee $220

Must of completed Level 1

More information to follow

Aebf Training ProgramAEBF - Level II Eight Ball Training Program

The Level II Coach Accreditation Training Program is the first coaching level within the (AEBF) Coach Development Pathway, and is intended to provide relevant coaching skills and accreditation for club level Eight Ball Coaches.

Flexible course delivery: this program recognizes that coaches can be assessed in a number of ways which will enable people in remote areas or those with time constraints to have access to accreditation. (on-site or online)

Aebf Manual CoverAEBF - Level II Eight Ball Coaching Manual

We're all born with some coaching ability, and the key to becoming a great coach is knowing what your strengths are, and building on those.

The coaching manual is available for all registered coaches in training to download. Please contact your State/Territory Eight Ball Association or the AEBF NCC (National Coaching Council). 2011 | 1st edition paperback A4 | AU$19.95

Currently under review, to assist contact the AEBF NCC.


Asc Intermediate Coaching ManualIntermediate Coaching is for the coach that has moved beyond the beginner level of coaching and wants to improve their skills and knowledge to improve athlete performance. The manual supports the Intermediate Coaching General Principles and includes a simple introduction to sport science concepts and the essential coaching skills of planning, management, safety, learning and teaching processes and individualisation. The manual is written in an applied manner with a range of case studies and examples that will assist coaches in their understanding of the principles outlined. 2008 AU$17.50


Aebf Coach Code Of ConductAEBF - Level II Coach Code of Conduct

All coaches wishing to be accredited must have read this code, agree to abide by this code and conduct themselves in accordance with this code when coaching eight ball. Coaches who are deemed to break this Code can have their accreditation withdrawn.

Please complete the Code of Conduct and forward to the AEBF NCC (National Coaching Council).