There are 6 basic steps at attain your 8 Ball Coaching Accreditation.

  • 1: AEBF - AEBF Member over 18 years of age

be a registered member of an affiliated State or Territory

  • 2: AEBF - Coach's Code of Conduct

agree to and sign the Code of Conduct

  • 3: ASC   - Level I Beginning Coaching Principles (8 hours)

complete the ASC Beginning Coaching Principles online or onsite

  • 4: AEBF - Level I Coach Activity Sheet (20 hours)

maintain a diary of all pupils coached

  • 5: AEBF - Level I Eight Ball Training Program Course  (8 hours)

complete the AEBF Training Program online or onsite

  • 6: AEBF - Eight Ball Coach Accreditation Fee $220

pay the applicable fee

Aebf Eight Ball HistoryCLICK ON THE IMAGE

The sport of Eight Ball (or pool, as it’s commonly called) developed in Australia, from very humble beginnings.

Whilst various forms of Pool had been played for a number of years, the catalyst for Eight Ball (pool) in Australia, was the introduction in approximately 1965, into Hotels and Clubs throughout the country, of the smaller 7’ x 3’ 6” eight ball table.

Aebf Coach Code Of ConductAEBF - Level I Coach Code of Conduct - Click on the IMAGE

All coaches wishing to be accredited must have read this code, agree to abide by this code and conduct themselves in accordance with this code when coaching eight ball. Coaches who are deemed to break this Code can have their accreditation withdrawn.

Please complete the Code of Conduct and forward to the AEBF NCC (National Coaching Council).

Aebf Member Protection PolicyAEBF Member Protection Policy

Depending on the size of your club, you could consider appointing a designated Member Protection Information Officer to be the central contact for any concerns or information about harassment, sexual abuse or inappropriate behaviour.

A member protection information officer would ensure your club handled complaints in an appropriate and consistent manner. They do not investigate complaints but help the person with the concern to deal with what has happened.

Appointing someone in the role who is approachable, accessible and able to maintain confidentiality ensures people in your club have someone supportive to go to with their concerns and to access information.

St John First Aid The National Coaching Accrediation Scheme requires coaches to have some knowledge of first aid.

We recommend you visit the St John Ambulance Australia website.

First Aid Information can to viewed on the First Aid Fact Sheets.

disclaimer  St John First Aid Protocols are for the Australian market only. All care has been taken in preparing the information but St John takes no responsibility for its use by other parties or individuals. St John encourages first aid training as these Fact Sheets are NOT a substitute for first aid training. The Fact Sheets are for use over a 12 month period only. For more information on St John first aid training and kits visit or call 1300 360 455.

Wepf Logo200Learning Outcomes (Coaches will be able to):
Understand what constitutes the following rules and what their penalties are:

  • - Foul Break
  • - Standard Foul
  • - Foul Snooker
  • - Total Snooker
  • - Time Foul

A copy of the World Eight Ball Pool Rules can be found on

Aebf Coach CertificateAccreditation Maintenance
All coach accreditation are valid for four years, at which time coaches must demonstrate they have been actively coaching over the four years of their accreditation to have their accreditation renewed.

Re-accreditation Policy
This policy document outlines requirements for the re-accreditation of coaches. When submitting their application for re-accreditation, coaches should ensure that they meet the requirements outlined in this policy .

Verification of Coaching Activity
When applying for the re-accreditation of an existing accreditation coaches must demonstrate that they have been actively coaching during the previous four years. The forms below, and/or the ASC log book provided at the start of the four year period, can be used to provide the necessary evidence of coaching activity as prescribed in the Re-accreditation Policy above.

    * Level 1 Coach Activity Form - To be completed by coaches wishing to accredit a Level 1 qualification.
    * Level 2 Coach Activity Form - To be completed by coaches wishing to accredit a Level 2 qualification.
    * Level 3 Coach Activity Form - To be completed by coaches wishing to accredit a Level 3 qualification.
      (The Australian Eight Ball Federation does not currently offer a Level 2 or 3 Training Program, but is on the short list)

Accredited Coach's Prior to 1st January 2011
All eight ball accredited coaches prior to the 1st of January 2011 will have to re-apply. Complete the Recognition of Prior Learning form.

Aebf Rpl RccThe Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Recognition of Current Competence (RCC)process includes a range of assessment techniques including equivalencies, challenge tests and assessment of a portfolio of evidence. RPL/RCC should give equal value to learning and skills whether these come from formal training, informal training, experience and competencies gained on the job, or other life experiences. A example of recognition of prior learning would be a Current Qualified Sporting Coach.

Please complete the Application Form and forward to the AEBF NCC (National Coaching Council).